Riparian Area Assessments

Econ has completed riparian area assessments for commercial and residential development projects ensuring compliance with the Riparian Area Regulation.

Private Forest Land Management

Econ Consulting has completed multiple forest management plans for private land owners.  These plans cater the specific needs of the land owner but often include: Forest land valuation; Resource inventories (roads, streams, timber and other resrouces); Sustainable timber harvest calculations; Reforestation prescriptions; Stand tending prescriptions; and, Best management practices;

Community Wildfire Protection Plans

In 2013 Econ completed a community wildfire protection plan for the Lyackson First Nation and Valdes Island.

British Columbia Timber Sales

Econ has completed multiple timber-sale development projects on both Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast. Highlights of these projects include:

  • Coordination and integration of multiple professional assessments;
  • Road and block development in visually sensitive areas;
  • Design of roads and blocks for ground based, cable and helicopter harvesting systems;
  • Safe and productive work in remote areas accessible by boat or air only.

Alberni Valley Community Forest

Econ has assisted the Alberni Valley Community Forest Corporation in all aspects of the management of their community forest tenure including: FSP Preparation and Maintenance GIS Database Maintenance and Administration Filing, Record Keeping and Information Management Multi-Phase Timber Development Visual Impact Assessments

Woodlot Licence Management

Econ completes large and small projects for any or all phases of tenure management for over twenty-five long term woodlot licensee clients.  See the Forest Tenure Management and Administration section of our services page for a complete summary or call to discuss your specific needs.

First Nations Forestry

Econ works closely with the Hupacasath, Stz’uminus, and Kyuquot/Checleset First Nations in establishing and managing their forest tenures and opportunities.  This includes everything from new tenure start up and business planning, training and extension, and information management systems.