Econ provides a full suite of forestry engineering, appraisal, site plan preparation, surveying and environmental assessment services. We coordinate and draw on the experience of professional biologists, engineers, geoscientists and archaeologists to complete forestry development projects of any size and complexity.

We’re experienced in alternative and conventional silviculture systems and ground based, cable, and helicopter harvest systems. We pride ourselves on efficient and high quality engineering, appraisal and surveying work.

  • Road Layout, Traverse and Design
  • Block Layout and Traverse
  • Appraisal Data Collection, Stumpage Analysis and ECAS Submissions
  • Ecological Site Classification and Silviculture Prescription Preparation
  • Silviculture Surveys and Stand Tending Prescriptions
  • Soil and Soil Disturbance Surveys
  • Inventory Design and Data Collection
  • Windthrow Assessments
  • Wildlife Danger Tree Assessments
  • Gully Assessments
  • Riparian Management Assessments